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Guitar Pro is an advanced application of chords and musical value that allows guitarists to enjoy playing, playing and chords easily. This program was originally developed as a tablature editor, but since has evolved into a score of authors, including support for many music instruments, including guitar, bass and other instruments with frets. With Guitar Pro you can create playbacks and export them to MIDI using the other instruments.

guitarProje one of the most powerful danEditor intuitive tablature with built-in music, MIDI editor, artist, plotter chords, metronome and other tools for guitarists and musicians. Guitar Pro 7 supports all instruments that contain taste of 4 to 8 strings, including editing support from other instruments and other interactive tools to support all musician practices.

Key Features:

– Tabulatur and scores of advanced

– Designed for guitar,Bass and instrument

– Option Skrolovanjeili Horizontal Vertical

– paper form (Monotrack or Multitrack)

– Editor strong chord diagrams and easy to use

– The screen display is adapted to your needs

– Supports more and monotrack

Observing and listening to a large number of scales

– And much more.

The most important features in Guitar Pro 7:

New interface

The interface has become more modern, more user-friendly. Toolbar contains the main features of theSoftware Inspector selection simplifies tracks and a training suit.

PerformanceEasy operation

LunakStartup device and load files improved. Move and zoom far subtler. The process of installation / update is also improved.

high resolution

The software is compatible with high-resolution screen (retina and HD) and touch screen.

Quality design result

Result display engine is completely written for the professional nota realistic.

elementsThe new music notation

Label now contains golpe, pickling and slap dead. Posts predatistandarTelah notation improved, but we have improved the management of conflicts between different elements of the result.

Chords for all tracks

In addition to instruments such as guitars, threshold level notation tablature automatically switches on all tracks, including the piano or drums.

Close your guitar Guitar Pro

Include a guitar in an external sound cardConnect to the Guitar Pro and apply the effect is the same as the model for each song in a particular file.


Brushdole sik simple strings together to tune them in one hit.

Bank new instruments

Many voices were added, including good guitar, flamenco, manouche and 7-string nylon, electric sitar, fretlessbass without, jazz bass, accordion, mellotron, harmonica, bagpipes, new synthesizers and drum machines.

Stereo sound

You can choose between MonoAnd stereo all acoustic instruments, as well as supplementing the automatic spaceing.

Simplified audio setting

MemilihDanpromenite voice of more than 1000 presets that combine Soundbank and the knock-on effect.

Mixing MIDI / RSE

Guitar Pro 7 allows, above all, a file to mix songs with MIDI with other notes that use RSE tones.

Virtual handleboard and keyboard

Windows Virtual Instrument (guitar, bass, banjo and piano) Resizable.

Lock Files

youCan lock files to prevent unwanted change. You can also add a password for it to not be opened or edited.

BaruFormat audio export

MP3 FLAC and OGGzur available when exporting RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) tracks. It is also possible to export all tracks individually in a single operation.

MIDI format and MusicKSML

Import and export of MIDI and MusicKSML format have been designed for better compatibility between the Guitar Pro and other musicOn the program.

Install notes:

Before editing, edit the hosts file in the notebook by linijesledeće, adding:

The host file in the default path is: C: / Windows / sistem32 / drivers / etc

– Install the program ()

– to install ()

– Run program

– At startup, the program will try to download audio stream should be allowed to AV for this operation.

Vin 10 64bit – screen after installation:

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7

  1. Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7 Download Free Serials
  2. Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7 Download Free
  3. Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7 download free

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