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BitComet is a P2P scene around since 2003 and is still underway, such as BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP download client.

BitComet lets you share files with other users, although it should be used only for those files that can legally be exchanged online. interfeysate similar to that of eMule characteristicsgo left window control buttons on top of the torrents that download in the main window in the center. After downloading files started, regularniotsite stop, pause, revocation, renewal, etc. Options are availableto BitCometplyus hand “to remove all the files and torrent”option that removes all traces of unwanted torrent from your computer.

speed are good, though not as good as similar P2P applications such as uTorrent. One reason for this is that BitComet nothing more users, you had to be an effective and easy alternatives enter the market.One of the practical features of BitComet however is a preview of mediumiteoptsiјa which forces the torrent to download sequentially instead of randomly thus allowing you to vizualiziratenyakakvimultimedia downloads. This is a great way to avoid broken links, buton the downside, it will slow the download considerably.

Recently BitComet is experimenting with a feature that lets you download some or vsichkina data in torrents from non-BitTorrent sources, even from their peers of other torrents with all or some of the same content. KeepGiven that this edition is also the first BitTorrent client to issue a stable 64bit version

Another interesting feature of BitComet Intelligent Disk Cache, which reallycomes into its own relationship shortcuts. If you’re lucky enough to download the transfer of 500 kb / or more to activateBitComet allows caching of data on disk access frequently. The result of this is that it does not vizabavi your PC as receiving large volumes of data can sometimes be done.

One downside of BitComet what pestered with ads from time to time in the main interface.On the other bad thing is that the procedure for deinstaliranene is very clean. The application directory remains the same as theregistry entry, although it can be removed manually former and the latter with any good registry cleaner such as Revo.

There are simple and popular clients there, uTorrentuTorrentand Azureus, which offer better prices to download with less guzhva.Meѓutoa, especially if you have a fast connection, can not wait for files to download before watching them and enjoy a torrent client with many extras, BitComet can be for you.


ZasilenoGUI: Maintaining the height ofdo list panel and the panel separately torrentHistory

Enhanced GUI: them tasks that happened download error together when Red assignment by state

Enhanced GUI: Add dialogue Potvardikogato return to ekranotna find hidden in Peer list Share

GUI Bugfix: Automatic shutdownat a particular time does not work

GUI Bugfix open a URL using the browser default system instead of IE

GUI Bugfix: Ikonatatorrent files do not have to use the program icon

GUI Bugfix: when adding new torrents, all files will be taken, not just selected

GUI Bugfix: Position task listwithtasks that should not change when you press the HOME / end

GUI Bugfix: placing viewing – Task List – Display filter does not work when the program will start

Major Bugfix: handle torrent file is not using UTF-8

BitComet 1.39

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  2. BitComet 1.39 download free
  3. BitComet 1.39 Windows 7/8 portable Download

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