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Notepad2-mod – updated version to the sin into Lao Kai Liu and automatically aliis.Excudendi word, AutoHotkey is established AutoIt3, Avisynth, struck CMake, Setup Inno, rubber, Lua, Markdown, NSI, Ruby, TCL only YAML ANSI silent moon’s improvement plan, minor tweaks eraill changes.

Working on Windows XP, SP3 Notepad2 mod (SP2 can not run), Vista, 7, and 8 and 32-bitand 64-bit. users of us and not the others who work there know the opportunity, Notepad2 mod valuable items.

is and remains perfectly open to large files. Of the program, and the interface is clean, and is he who has done nothing special, if necessary,when he was about ullamcorper, you can not pay all the rest of the article.

Developer: XhmikosR


Language: English

Size: MB


How to Install:

1). If the included instructions are required.

2). Thats all enjoy.

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Facebook Pro 4 download free


Facebook Pro is a program which allow the use of social networks yourfavorite onlyfunctionis without a browser. , Requireinstallation It was a chance.

Facebook all in one app

After the launch of Facebook Pro, Facebookhomepage immediatelyload your application. user-experience is what you would expect: you can kuingiakatika read your wall, send private messages, improve your mood, and change your account settings, Facebook among other features.

Unfortunately, programdoesn’toptionsorthatimprove new social networking features with the availability of special addany.

start icon

kamaprogramu icon Facebook Pro Windowstaskbar anchored in the basin. This means thatyou can easily find if you do not use your browser-classic Facebookeven.

It is not particularly important

If Facebook-alwayswant accessmula hand and easy task-bar, and at the same time, Facebook Pro is your app.

On Yakwa Unfortunately, there is no great claims to fame, the only windows software launchesthedasoziala networks, and not otherwise. In addition, it is much ofresources Sesa; During the trial, was occupied around 130MB of RAM, which is also located in front of such limitedapp.

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PES 2017 Pro 32-Bit free download


Management reality PES 2017 features the latest, but it is enough to remove the FIFA?

Change movement key

Changes in PES 2017 is the largest in terms of a feature called predecessor administrative Reality. Control is the reality pompous name for the new management system that lets you manage the football better (or not to get the ball) will strengthen Pro .Acción EvolutionSoccer a football simulation FIFA gwychac crown to exhibitionism.

Physical child has improved, which is now movingmore natural and logical campo.Cando is not in your possession, you have more control than ever. This change will have a significant impact on how you can hold the ball and avoid attack by the defense, like trying to fight some pretty impressive.

pes2017 is more physical than any o’ifersiynau ago, the problem has become more virulent and protection than ever. Forget the game just to prepare for the trip and win luz.Os porters have also improved with the use of artificial intelligence, orwhich means that they rarely make mistakes and knows the area very well, aim to score goals just a little harder.

In this sense, artificial intelligence can generally adapt to the game and defensive tactics have changed the process of their practice. The AI ​​also eventually learn how as a player and will act accordingly.

only tengamers

Players can control the movements more realistic, and support advanced AI game Pro Evolution Soccer game promises to be the strongest and servicesas reality is concerned. All caps indicates 2017 will be geared especially for players who are concerned about the challenges gameplayneu charisma received dozens of licenses. Are you one of them?

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MKV Player 2 download free


In order to let you watch the video player is a free AVI AVI files on the computer – as well as audio and video format to another.

This is really as simple as the function of the program aims, and in particular,. AVI player by the window with the video playback buttons to move the second time. Those bulls there is no standard; The word is to have the usual sign to see the “Main” in the right plaastradisionele and directional arrows.

tetapandalam MKV Player are scarce and difficult estutuntur. Drop-down menu below the video screen will be hiddenI do not see the speed of delay or the most delicate, and an association file adjust. I do not see the equalizer effects, such as in the VLC Media Player. There is a documented program.

If you want to play video and audio LEERSIA you do, then MKV Player will be enough. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated piece of software, with more options and tools can perlumelihat elsewhere.

AVI AVI player is a very simple videosupport only the most basic functions.

The player supports AVIfollowing formats


MKV Player 2

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Free PC Audio Recorder 3 update free download


You would think that the sound recording on your computer will be easy standard features, but surprisingly, it did not happen. Windows will not let you easily record the voice that you hear on PC such as calls to play sound or Skype music. Fortunately, a small and simple program such as PC Free Audio Recorder can instantly fix this problem for you free of charge.

In order to enable klikmenyimpan PC audio.

Free PC Audio Recorder is really doing what it sounds likehow

Make it possible to record audio, audio files from your PC! The program is so simple that any beginner can use it. It is free to download and use without ads Plus is compatible with Windows version. The main use for this recording software is the sound of the mike that is unlike Skype or video games. Everything that comes to the speakers! Features include auto-run for those who use it daily and beam quality selection.For example, you can record a level of 128 bits. Datiprettier software and has some more advanced features but if you just want to save some perfect sound.

Bergunadan simple free.

Free PC Audio Recorder 3

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City GTA: download free


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the successor of the legendary GTA 3. This time we have to Liberty City to Vice City, which clearly inspired by Miami in 1980.

Steel cars involved in the hold-up and shoot, and above all, to get the most out of the big city is charming, in your eyes.

Tommy Vercetti and the American Dream

wielkiTheft Auto: Vice City offers the story of Tommy Vercetti, a former hitman darikeluarga Forelli crime. The story begins when the TommyHyprison released after 15 years, and looking for a new life in the concrete jungle that Vice City.

GTA: Vice City, you can experience the best moments of life criminal Vercetti and his colleagues through a variety of exciting missions. In total, you will be able to play in more than 60 major mission that goes far beyond the theft samochodówwielka the title suggests the franchise.

With kamumencuri Vercetti, squeeze, release, and is involved in every aspect of the transactions with the most famous criminals.If the missions in GTA 3 to believe, you will see there is still more to offer in Vice City.

If you the type of player who likes to take things easy, you can enjoy the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has bardziej.Choć game has a story mode and a primary mission, also gives you the opportunity to go for a walk on the sunny Vice city and other actions and sekundermisi, as a taxi driver or a fireman, shooting, stunts, and even running your own business business in the city,

Miami (or viceCity) like never before

Vice City is the perfect rekreacjiprawie Miami in the ’80s. In fact, when you play, you can not help but think about Brian De Palmas scar, as well as the legendary series “80. starring Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

This city exists will enjoy four circles berbedaAnda go in the car or on foot, when you experience the everyday life of the residents. Although the images look a little worn these days (spelis roku2002) really adds to score a little charm.

likefor audio, GTA Vice City has not aged at all. The game features voice acting from the first level. Vercetti was voiced by none other than Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) and the supporting cast is made populeraktor sounds like Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, and Danny Trejo, among others.

Another thing to Vice Citysjest spectacular soundtrack support consists of songs from 1986 and previous years, divided by genre: pop, rock, heavy metal, and have been playing on the radio in the ’80s were colorful.

Aexcellent century classic

If GTA 3 can be regarded as a big sandbox game first 3D, Vice City confirmed that Rockstar rajagenre.

Yes, more than ten years have passed since the exit, and the exclusion of advances in graphics, GTA: Vice City has been playing like a dream. Control, a variety of missions, involving storyline (which to be desired leaves a little over compared to mafia movies De Palma and Scorsese) makes this game fun for any fan of video games.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City GTA:

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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4 x86 x64 Download


Hard Disk Sentinel Pro build 8128 Beta Multilingual

Hard Disk Sentinel is a hard disk monitoring application multi-OS. The aim is to find, test, diagnose and repair problems with the hard disk drive more healthy problems, performance degradation and failure. Hard Disk Sentinel gives complete textual description, tips and displays / reports the most comprehensive information on the hard disk on your computer or in an external enclosure (USB / e-SATA). many berbedaalert and reportwybórbeschikbaarom to ensure maximum safety of your valuable data.

Hard Disk Sentinel monitors hard disk, including health, temperature and all (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, built in most hard disks today) values ​​for each hard drive. Furthermore, measures the hard disk transfer rate in real time, which can be used as a reference or non-detection of the disk, they can be effectively used disk performanceSentinel uszkodzeniulub to prevent serious data loss because it has the most sensitive hard disk health rating system which is extremely sensitive to disk problems. In this way even a small problem can not be ignored and predictable damage or loss of data. It provides an opportunity to backup important and valuable data. The Professional version is planned, and the data automatically (to the problem) backup options mencegahhilangnya due to lack ofalone, but malware or accidental deletion.

Otokilka key features of “Hard Disk Sentinel Professional”:

easy to use

All data are displayed in the main window. Quick controls allow easy navigation to access all hard disks, partitions and other information. Intuitive user interface elements, including information green / yellow / red color to indicate the level of the problem. Detailed text description and context sensitive help guides the userthe features and options.

1. Installation 2. Configuration 3. Stay protected

tylkozainstalować, configure alerts and backup, and the system is safe. You will be notified about the problems – but if everything is fine, Hard Disk Sentinel just sits on tray and displays current status. The data are also protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

saatmenganalisis – Hard Disk Sentinel can communicate with IDE, Serial ATA and SCSI hard drives in order to detecttheir condition and temperature. State disk is displayed as soon as you start the program, there is no potrzebyanaliza disks for a long period of time. It displays the current and maximum temperature for the hard disk.

Hetkunnen read all general and specific attributes of suppliers and monitor their values. For advanced users, all raw data ditampilkantermasuk the starting time or the number of read / write errors. Hard Disk Sentinel interprets the performance and efficiency valuesconnected and displays the calculated Performance and Health percentage of the total balance on time and estimated life.

statusDysku in Windows Explorer – Display the status of health and used space in Windows Explorer or other applications, so you always know the amount of space used for each partition and disk status.

Information tentangPertanyaan – The temperature can be the hard drive at this time and give health system tray, in a small status window and on the desktop. averageand maximum temperature logged for all hard and the information is displayed in graphs for statistical purposes.

record -hard Disk Sentinel logs all the deterioration of all parameters SMART. For example, if a new uncorrectable sector gevondenuw hard, you will be notified.

Characters – SulitDisk Sentinel can make different kinds of messages on various topics. It can perform various tasks (even external applications) runningin case of problems. It is possible to send e-mails daily on the current status.

Disk Details – Detects and displays all the information on the hard drive with the revised drawing buffer size has all the features. Transfer mode and maximum currently available is also shown.

Hard Disk Performance banyakData -Logs being read or written to the hard disk. Displays the current transfer rate for reading and writing and estimates (theoretical) maximumtransfer rate is available for the hard disk.

Hard Disk Drive – Displays partitions for each physical hard disk and the type and use of information about them, so do not miss miejsca.Hard Disk Sentinel sends this information automatically alert messages / status.

Shutdown – Offers options to shut down the computer in case of failure, overheat or parameter degradation. This variant may be used to prevent additional data.

Acoustic Management -It provides the ability to control the level of acoustic IDE / S-ATA hard disk. It is possible to increase the yields or to a quieter drive.

Clock synchronization – offers the ability to synchronize PC clock with zegaremAtom by NTP (Network Time Protocol).

Improvements – Hard Disk Sentinel become good. Other features will be available soon. If you know what might be useful, please let us know.

What’s New:

added support for industry memory card (micro SD) InnoDisk: detection of fullstatus, health, life and writing additional statistics.

added support for industry memory cards (micro) SD Delkin: detection of full status, health, life and writing additional statistics.

added wsparciedla industrikartu (micro) SD card and USB device driver based on Hyperstone: detection of full status, health, life and writing additional statistics.

added support for SSD KINGSTON SUV400S37120G

Adds support for additional NVMe SSD detection of full status Samsung SSDPM951

Additional support for HP Smart Array RAID controller H240

increase support Intenso SSD

improved support Maxtor Atlas SCSI / SAS hard disk


updated podpiscyfrowy


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