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Tool length – The program does not require installation, start-up will delete locked files or files with long names, I think, you know that there is a problem. In fact, that’s all you get, and the software itself costs about $40, if I remember, I did not quite understand the price, but it’s not mine.

Once you start waiting for a window in which, as in Windows Explorer, you can move, and we are interested in folderdanfayly, respectively. In addition, you get a powerful scan engine, the program will use highly problematicfile on your computer. There are no files will be deleted permanently, they only fall into the basket, so if you accidentally rub the correct file, it can be easy to leave.

Developer: Long Road Equipment Manufacturer

Language: Bahasa Inggeris + Russian version

Size: 4 MB

OS: Windows

Long Path Tool 5

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  3. Long Path Tool 5 Download

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